Anne Doyle

My path to becoming a therapist started with a degree in Psychology, followed by a degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy.  Then while building my private therapy practice I completed a Masters in Women's Studies with UCD.  I was fortunate to be given space to rent in two therapy centres in the Phibsborough area of Dublin 7  (the then Dubhlinn centre and in The Healing House)  and went full-time with my therapy work.  These gave me the opportunity to build my practice over the years, all the while exploring different aspects of therapy through ongoing workshops and trainings.  These experiences also helped me develop the dream of running a therapy centre myself, supporting other therapists to develop their practice and helping build the energy that comes when like-minded therapists come together in one space.  In 2017, the opportunity became real and I began the work of creating this space at 256 Swords Road, finally opening in June 2019.    The atmosphere and character of the therapy space continues to develop, although many who visited in the early days in 2019 also said the building already felt welcoming then and had a lovely energy.  It is my pleasure to work to develop that welcoming atmosphere for therapists and clients.  See more information on my background on

Paula Keating  

I first developed an interest in acupuncture when pregnant with my second child. During my pregnancy I suffered from repeat sinusitis and sought an alternative approach to treating symptoms which would normally be helped with antibiotics.  I have since been treated for and found relief for back pain, sleep problems and general wellness.
My own positive experience with acupuncture motivated me to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I am a member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) and received my Diploma in Acupuncture (Dip Ac) from the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland. This Diploma was gained through 3 years of study which included clinical practice and theoretical study of acupuncture for treatment of a wide range of conditions.
While I am trained to treat a wide range of conditions, I have a particular interest in the use of acupuncture to help men and women on their journey to parenthood. If you are considering acupuncture for fertility or simply want some more information, get in touch today to find out the best approach for you.  
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Celine Keogh

As a Core Process Psychotherapist I hold a love of and curiosity in life and the belief in the inherent well-being and potential for change and possibilities for people.  My practice focuses on mind body interactions and is an embodied psychotherapy, with a humanistic psychodynamic approach.  Our work together will involve compassionate enquiry, contemplative and embodied practices (quietening the mind, working on the felt sense, what is happening within self, sometimes the use of movement).  Through this exploration and working together in therapy, healing and change can take place.  Therapy sessions are designed to explore painful issues in client’s life and to provide understanding and insight, where change can happen.
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Brian Peoples

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy which evaluates , enhances and treats the functioning of a physiological system called the Craniosacral system. The Craniosacral system comprises of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and the spinal cord. Using gentle and non-invasive techniques to correct both sutural restrictions within the cranial bones and membranous restrictions , the functioning of the Craniosacral system is enhanced which supports and improves the functioning of the nervous system. By supporting , facilitating and complementing the body's self - corrective processes CST is used as a preventative health measure, and is effective for a wide range of conditions and medical problems including structural imbalances and dysfunction within the neck and cranium and spine to conditions relating to stress and trauma. Craniosacral Therapy is also a widely used resource in the area of Paediatric and Obstetric care. (Contact details are listed on the Therapies webpage)