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Applied Biomagnetic Therapy, Art Psychotherapy, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Low Cost Counselling,
Craniosacral Therapy, Massage (Holistic & Sports), Nutritional Therapy, Physiotherapy, Reiki
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Applied Biomagnetic Therapy
Laura de Renzy

My name is Laura and I am a qualified Biomagnetic Therapist under the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy here in Ireland. In my work I take special interest in Chronic fatigue, Digestive issues, and Anxiety conditions amongst others.
With this therapy I seek to get to the root cause of illness to alleviate symptoms and restore natural alignment and proper function to the mind and body through use of magnetic force.
text:  085 1972 890 

Counselling & Psychotherapy
Robbie Callanan

Qualification: MA in Psychotherapy; HDip in Counselling & Psychotherapy;
MBS BA(Hons)
Membership: IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy)
For individual and couple clients, Robbie works with issues including Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, Abuse, Identity, Relationships and Loss.  He has additional training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).  Robbie has also undertaken STORM - self-harm mitigation and suicide prevention training, and ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

phone: 089 2087396

Counselling & Psychotherapy
Marie Chatoua

Marie Chatoua is an Art Psychotherapist, Integrative Counsellor and Reiki Master.

Qualification: Diploma in Person-Centred Art Psychotherapy; BA Hons degree in Integrative Counselling and Art Therapy; BA Hons degree in Visual Arts Practice;Certified training for Tera-Mai Reiki Master and Seichem Practitioner levels;               Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Montessori Pedagogy

Further training includes certificates in: Phototherapy; Creativity and CBT; Humanistic Sandtray; ASIST Suicide First Aid; Resourcing and Resilience; Working with Addiction; Mindfulness and Art Therapy; the Creative Process as a Pathway to Wellness; Angel Card Reading; Angelic and Crystal Healing

Membership: Pre-accredited member of the IACP (Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists);
Member of the Reiki Federation Ireland
Member of Visual Artists Ireland
Through the creative therapeutic process, Marie works with adults experiencing a range of issues such as: anxiety, depression, sensory processing disorders, chronic pain, panic disorders, trauma, grief, including pet loss, bipolar disorder, addiction, self-harm and stress.                                                   

Phone/ Text: 089 6107332

Counselling & Psychotherapy
Anne Doyle

Qualification: BSc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy; MA Women's Studies; Dip Suicide Studies.
Membership:  IACP (Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Working with:  A wide range of issues, however my therapy practice has evolved to be mainly working with trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, adult survivors of child abuse, recovery from attempted suicide, gender and sexuality, finding meaning and a sense of purpose.For more information see my website
phone: 086 6623774
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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Celine Keogh

Qualifications: MA Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy;  Marte Meo Licensed Therapist;  Solution Focused Brief Therapy;  Life Skills Consultancy;  NVR Non-Violent-Resistance Programme;  Theraplay Level 1;  Diploma in Applied Social Studies.  
Memberships: Fully Accredited Member of UKCP, UK Council for Psychotherapy;  Fully Accredited Member of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists.
Celine has over 25 years’ experience in the statutory and voluntary sectors in therapeutic interventions in Ireland and the UK. Celine’s experience includes working with individual and family trauma, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, the impact of addiction and substance misuse, domestic violence, grief, separation, loss and anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-harm, identity, pre- and peri-natal processes, adoption.

phone:   085 736 2097
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Counselling & Psychotherapy
Roseleen Walsh

 Qualification: BSc Hons Counselling & Psychotherapy; Diploma in Addiction Studies; Reality Therapy Choice Theory certified (William Glasser Institute); Diploma in Suicide Studies; Certificate in Group Work.

Membership: Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI) as a counsellor and a clinical supervisor.

Working with: Roseleen has 30 years’ experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist and 8 years' experience as a clinical supervisor. Roseleen works in a humanistic integrative person-centered approach with therapy clients and works as clinical supervisor both one-to-one and in groups. Roseleen also mentors student therapists in their work towards qualification and accreditation. Roseleen’s therapy work is mainly around addiction, anger management, anxiety, bereavement & different types of loss and grief, depression, gambling, stress, suicidal ideation, trauma, recovery, and the impact of these issues on relationships.

phone: 087 770 5376

Low Cost Counselling

I am happy to say we have a low-cost counselling service again at 256 Swords Road.  Working with members of the public is a necessary part of a psychotherapist’s training and also provides an opportunity for people to try out the experience of attending counselling sessions.  This winter we have two trainee therapists: 

 Brian Kenny is a 3rd-year counselling & psychotherapy trainee with the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences ( 

Brian joins us on Tuesday evenings 6pm – 9:30pm. He has previous experience in mindfulness and working with people from different ethnicities and cultures. Brian is interested in working with any adult clients (over 18) and has an interest in the areas of anxiety, stress and isolation.

Marlena Nowak-Gnitecka is a 3rd-year counselling & psychotherapy trainee with the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences ( Marlena joins us in 256 Swords Road on Thursday evenings 6pm – 9:30pm for client work as part of her training. Marlena is interested in working with adult clients (over 18). She works as a school SNA (special needs assistant) and also has personal understanding of the experience of emigration/immigration having moved to Ireland some years ago.

Cost: As Brian and Marlena are seeing clients as part of their professional training this is a low-cost service at €10.- per hour towards therapy room rental for the duration of their placement.

Contact: Anne (centre manager) for more information and to request a referral to the Low-Cost Service.

Tel: 086 6623774. Email:

Craniosacral Therapy
Brian Peoples

Qualifications:  Brian Peoples / CST-MIACST is a registered Craniosacral Therapist certified by the Upledger Institute.   Brian is trained in Craniosacral Therapy techniques, Somato Emotional Release and Paediatrics.
Memberships:  Registered member of the Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists (IACST).  
Brian is a tutor, facilitator and teaching assistant with the Upledger Institute of Ireland at SER level supporting students in their certification study and training.  Brian specialises in Somato Emotional Release (SER ) which is a gentle therapeutic process that uses and expands upon the principles of Craniosacral Therapy,  supporting the physiology and mind to release the residual effects of trauma. Anxiety states, stress, depression, trauma and PTSD are specific to Brian's  practice.
phone:  086 190 2326
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Craniosacral Therapy
Glenna Woods

 Qualifications: Glenna Woods is a registered Craniosacral Therapist trained and certified by the Upledger Institute.
Memberships: Registered member of the Irish Association of Craniosacral Therapists (IACST).  

Glenna works with a wide range of physical and emotional issues as well as helping to restore overall well-being and health through craniosacral therapy. 


phone: 087 240 9431

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Lisa Payne

Qualification: My name is Lisa and I am a graduate from the Holistic College Dublin where I attained an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage and ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage.  Membership: Irish Massage Therapist Association (IMTA)

 Holistic Massage

 Holistic massage involves the classical movements of effleurage, petrissage, tampotement and friction which provides a relaxing massage starting from the legs and feet and working my way up to the head. Holistic massage benefits circulation, blood pressure and heart rate. It helps relax muscles, increase joint mobility and release of endorphins. Holistic massage also helps with increasing  lymphatic flow, improves immune function via stress reduction, and supports improved digestion with relaxation. The Mental and Emotional effects include an increase in positive mental health, reduction in anxiety, and general feelings of well-being.

 Sports - Pre and Post Event Massage

 Pre event is a type of massage used as part of a warm up for an event. This massage is fast pace and vigorous in order to stimulate the circulatory and nervous system to prepare for an event and increase performance potential.

 Post event massage is used after the event to relax and help the body recover from exertion of the even by removing toxins and lactic acid from the muscles thus reducing and enabling a faster recovery.



Nutritional Therapy & Reiki
Jennifer Creedon

Qualifications: Nutritional Therapist Diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine;  Certification of Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Membership:  Full practicing membership of Nutritional Therapists Association of Ireland (NTOI)

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I use the findings of evidence-based scientific research to create dietary and lifestyle plans for both adults and children. My aim when working with you is to achieve optimum energy levels, a healthy blood sugar balance, emotional wellbeing, sound gastrointestinal health and tolerance to a broad range of food groups. Nutritional Therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and follows the functional medicine model, which allows us to work together to address the root causes of underlying health concerns to achieve optimal wellness. I am also a Reiki Master, this is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. My aim is to inspire my clients to take control of their health and wellbeing through conscious and lifestyle adjustments. I truly believe in the healing power of food and the healing power of our own bodies. For more information see my website:
phone: 083 855 9891
facebook: @jennifercreedonnt
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Thirupal Ragi

Thirupal is a Senior Chartered Physiotherapist and runs 365 Physiotherapy Private Practice - a client-centered service designed to meet the physiotherapy needs of all ages.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Loyola College, Madras University, 1995); Bachelor of Physiotherapy (The Tamil Naidu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, 1998)

Membership: Member of the Irish Society of Physiotherapists;  Member of the Irish regulatory body CORU – Register of Physiotherapists; Member of the Indian Association Physiotherapists; Member of the Federation of Indian Manual Therapists.

Clinic services include: Musculoskeletal Conditions; Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation; Post-Operative Rehabilitation; Dry Needling; Exercise Therapy and Prescription

Conditions treated in Clinic: Headache and Neck Conditions; Shoulder Conditions; Elbow Conditions; Wrist and Hand Conditions; Upper Back Conditions; Middle and Lower Back Conditions; Hip Conditions; Knee Conditions; Ankle and Foot Conditions; Paediatric Conditions

Home Visit Services:  Aged Care, Balance, Falls Prevention and Rehabilitation; Neurological Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation; Orthopaedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation; Pain Management Physiotherapy; Pre- and Post-Operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Referrals are not necessary to book an appointment.
Approved by all major health insurers.
Phone: 086 3181425 /  083 0985073
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Jennifer Creedon - see information about Jennifer under Nutritional Therapy above


Marie Chatoua - see information about Marie under Counselling & Psychotherapy above

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Qualification: Diploma in Acupuncture (Dip Ac) from the Acupuncture Foundation of ireland
Membership: Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association
Treatment for: A wide range of conditions, and Paula also has a particular interest in the use of acupuncture to help men and women on their journey to parenthood. If you are considering acupuncture for fertility or simply want some more information, contact Paula to discuss the best option for you.
phone: 086 8457217
facebook: @nthdublinacupuncture
Instagram: @northdublinacupuncture

Bio Energy Healing Therapy,
Tera-Mai and Kundalini Reiki,  
Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Counselling - 
Pamela Scully

* Pamela is now available for online consultations
Qualifications: Diploma in Bio Energy Healing Therapy;
Qualified Tera-Mai Reiki and Kundalini Reiki practitioner;
Qualified Shamanic Practitioner and Shamanic Counsellor
Membership: B.E.T.A. (Bio Energy Therapists Association)
Pamela gives more information about the therapies she offers on her website
phone: 085 2828984

Indian Head Massage, Reflexology & Reiki
Alina Codau

I am dedicated and passionate about sharing my knowledge and holding the space for other on the self-healing journey.
I am a firm believer that each one of us can tap into and activate the inner healing energy.
When we heal ourselves as a whole, spirit, mind and body then we can live a joyful and abundant life.
I wish to inform our clients that we have taken every possible measure to ensure your safety and comfort - for more information see my website or contact me - 
phone: 089 457 3129