Welcome to 256 Swords Road Holistic Therapy Centre
My name is Anne Doyle, I work as a psychotherapist and I opened 256 Swords Road as a holistic therapy centre in June 2019. As well as having being in therapy myself at different stages, over the years I have also been helped by yoga, acupuncture, reiki and shamanic practice.  From my own experience, I believe that at different life stages and with different life circumstances, different forms of therapeutic support can be helpful.  My vision is to create a space for therapists from different healing models, giving access to support for health and balance on mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual levels.  I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to bring this into reality at 256 Swords Road.  

So far we are ten therapists working here, offering a range of therapies - acupuncture, biomagnetic therapy, counselling & psychotherapy, craniosacral therapy, Indian head massage and reiki. I am taking the time to find therapists who share a satisfaction and joy in their work, and a respect for their clients.  I am putting information on the therapists contact details and background on the following pages.  Sessions are by appointment, so for your first session you will arrange a day/time with your therapist.  Your therapist will then be ready to answer the door when you arrive for your appointment.

When therapists are in session with their clients they are not available to answer the door to anyone else -  unfortunately 256 Swords Road is not a walk-in clinic.  If you have any other questions about the therapy centre, you are welcome to contact me directly: 
086 6623774 or hello@256swordsroadholistic.ie
I look forward to hearing from you,